Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Busy Bees

Meeting Time & Place 
Tuesday - 9:30 AM      Come and join us each Tuesday in the Fellowship Hall.

                                   Once a month we meet for breakfast as a local restaurant.

     Our Busy Bee Club, an active ladies group, began its ministry at First Baptist in 1992.  A group of five ladies started this group, and being widows, were lonesome at times but still felt the need for outside activities.  Some bring crafts if so desired, but it is not a requirement.  Over the years, the membership has grown considerably, and we are always welcoming new members.
     Our weekly meetings begin with greetings to each other and the joy of gathering and being together.  After our meeting is called to order, we give our prayer requests and have praise for answered prayers.  Our prayers always include the church, our pastors, our families, our youth, school, our service men and women, our country, and our leaders.
     We have taken on several projects over the years and may have several going at the same time. Among them include making cloth dolls for the Shiners’ Children’s Hospital.  The dolls bring comfort to the children, because as each child faces an operation, the doctors can mark on the dolls the area where the surgery will occur.  Along with this, the doctor is better able to explain the operation to the child.  Another project we have undertaken is making lap quilts for nursing homes and veterans homes.  Some of the ladies who crochet make caps for our service men to wear under their helmets, especially in the wintertime, since some of the countries where they are stationed have such cold temperatures. Some weeks we help pack gift boxes for our troops, and each week we donate money for postage to help in the mailing those same boxes.  If we feel the need, we schedule a workday and along with that we share a covered dish lunch.  
     Each year we put our names into a hat and participate in our Secret Pal Club.  Throughout the year we give thoughtful treasures to this special person, and at the end of the year we have a Christmas party and dinner.  It is at this time that we reveal who our secret pal was for the past year.  Our time together is always fun and enjoyable, and we invite you to come and join us!